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LeftSell Service Market

The LeftSell Market consists of WordPress Shop Owners selling products and services. As part of the market, you sell and let sell. Get provisions for selling: connect your shop to the network.

LeftSell improves your shop

LeftSell improves your webshop. Version 1 is the base for further improvements: get many option switches to make WordPress and WooCommerce better:

  • WordPress Admin Interface
    Disable ads in the admin interface, remove unused WP Links

  • Own Footer
    Use an normal WordPress Page as your footer

  • Sitelinks
    WordPress generates sitelinks. These can confuse search engines. Switch it off.

  • Search Engine Optimations
    Receive full control for <title>, <description> and <keywords>

  • Google Breadcrumbs
    LeftSell can create the Google Breadcrumbs

  • Open Graphs
    Show the social networks your content:
    use og:title, og:image, og:type and og:url

  • Sitemaps
    LeftSell can automatically create the Google Sitempa and the Merchant Center Productfeed
  • Page Header
    Use the <head> section of your pages: e.g. add the Google Analytics Code, Facebook Pixel, Search Console. LeftSell fully opens the head-section for you.

  • Robots instructions
    Add your own instructions for search engine robots

  • Services and Products
    LeftSell enables your shop to sell services. Just flag a product as service and your customers can book it, instead of adding it to the cart.

  • WooCommerce Tweaks
    Disable ads of the WooCommerce Addons, declare your theme as suitable for WooCommerce and improve the product descriptions

  • WooCommerce Product Fields
    LeftSell can let you edit additional product fields: GTIN, SKU, MPN, Brand, Adult and Item Condition

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