Sitemaps and Productfeeds

Google Sitemap und Produktfeed

You are using Google Search Console (earlier Google Webmaster Tools) and you want to add all your pages, posts, products and services via sitemap? WordPress just starts in 2020 to create their own sitemap. Until it is finished, you can simply use LeftSell. The plugin also can create a Productfeed for Google Merchant Center.


Google Sitemap

By switching this option on, everytime you save a post, page or product, the Google XML Sitemap is created. It covers all items of your work and it excludes standard pages like shopping-cart, checkout etc.
All you goods are written into the file /sitemap.xml.

The button “Create Sitemap now” just creates it on the fly.


Google Merchant Center Productfeed

All physical products of your shop are written into the file /products.xml. This is the feed for your Google Merchant Center.

The button “Create Product Map now” creates the file immediately.


Your XML Feeds

You need a special feed? Just name your wish. LeftSell develops everything making sense for everybody.

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