Extensions Wishlist

The LeftSell Plugin is actively maintained. It follows the requests of the market. Find all requests and wishes in this wishlist.

Newest wishes

20.03.2020Implement the KBLOCK network to identify trolls
05.07.2020Timesheet for serviceswait for version 3

Realized Enhancements

04.05.2020Produktfeed for Google Merchant Centerfind it in Sitemaps
18.06.2020Own field for robots instructionsfind it in the Header-Settings
06.07.2020New Produkttype “service”. -> replace “buy” button with “book”done in V1.0.0
08.07.2020WordPress Footer Creatordone in V1.0.0
12.08.2020Manage fields for WordPress Comment functions: disable author, url, email, cookie-noticedone in V1.0.0


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