WP Hacks

WordPress Hacks

Hacks and Tweaks enable you to work with your websites the way you want. The LeftSell Plugin allows to set every hack separately. Take full control over your WordPress..


Disable WordPress Admin messages

Is your WP dashbord full of spam? Every plugin can use the Admin Messages and fill your Admin Interface with advertising. To work long times with the Admin Interface of your website, your blog or your shop simply disable these messages.


Admin Footer Spam

On ervery screen of your Admin Interface you see: Thank you for creating with WordPress. WordPress is Open Source. Simply hide the footer spam.


Disable XMLRPC

Disable the XMLRPC function of WordPress. It causes the most common security leaks of WordPress.


WordPress Shortlink creation

WordPress automatically creates shortlinks for every webpage. Shortlinks can confuse search engines. Simply disable the automatic creation:

<link rel='shortlink' href='https://leftsell.com' />

Create own footer

Uses a WordPress page called ~footer as content for your footer. If this ~footer page exists, the whole footer is replaced by the content of it.


Comments function

Customize the fields used for the standard WordPress comment function. The layout depends on your theme. You can set the removal of the following fields:

  • Author
  • E-Mail
  • Website URL
  • possibility to store values in a cookie

Your setting

You need another setting? Just name your wish here. We implement everything, that’s making sense.

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