Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

§ 1 Short version

§ 1.1 Insurance coverage
There is no insurance at any time by Kundschaft Schweiz, to which LeftSell belongs, and you bear the full risk in every aspect for all visits and work.

§ 1.2 Service Level Agreements
Kundschaft Schweiz generally starts working on prepayment. To do this, customers buy a pool of hours, individual lessons or book a course through payment. There is no right for services without pre-payment. Every appointment is just a movable calendar entry untill the costs are payed.

§ 1.2.1 Contract duration
The hours purchased are subject to an expiration time of three years. They are retained for three years from the date of purchase until they are used.

§ 1.2.2 Termination of the contract
The specialty of Kundschaft Schweiz is the honorable way we treat our customers. If the Kundschaft Schweiz gets the knowledge, that a client is acting unfairly, dishonestly or dishonestly, we will terminate the contract. A partial repayment of an hourly pool in the event of an extraordinary termination is not possible.

§2 General validities and principles

§ 2.1. Validities
The validity of these terms and conditions extends to all services and offers of Kundschaft Schweiz with this domain leftsell.com. Conflicting conditions are expressly rejected.

§ 2.2. Principles
The “Schweizerische Obligationenrecht” is valid at first matter.
Kundschaft Schweiz adheres to the maxim of the so-called “honorable businessman” (Ehrbare Kaufleute).
Every customer is fully responsible for its full well-being, both mentally and physically. You enter our rooms at your own risk and you always take part in our courses, coaching, repairs and advice at your own risk. At no time is a customer insured by Kundschaft Schweiz either inside or outside the premises.
Prepayment always applies: we do not want to spend times getting to our money.

§ 2.3. Hour pools
Kundschaft Schweiz works with hourly pools. You pay a number of hours and you have the opportunity to use the services.
These are in general:

IT support
ERP support
CMS support
Support for developments
Marketing support
Social networking
Development times
Courses and workshops

§ 2.4. Absences
The absence of a course or appointment, or the absence from a booked course or appointment does not give you the possibility to postpone or to get a partial or full refund. Goodwill can be discussed.
Absence due to illness, accident or involuntary prevention: our low prices do not allow business extensions or postponements. Good behavior is reserved for Kundschaft Schweiz. Just get in touch to talk about it.
Early notification of absence: an absence notification one calendar month before an appointment can lead to the retention of the credit.

§ 2.5. Terminations
The right to cancel is reserved. An important reason for termination without notice exists in particular if a customer violates legal regulations, good morals, persistently against polite manners and / or the rules of use and behavior and instructions or it turns out that a customer has provided false information, no payments are made or there are repeated reminders without communication. A repayment of an existing pool of hours is reserved.

§ 2.6. Special addition
Rules of conduct apply as part of the Terms and Conditions. Good tone, good morals and following house rules, including parking, form an essential part of our business practice.

§ 3 Appointments

§ 3.1. Group courses
The training in the group requires a certain degree of social compatibility. Kundschaft Schweiz reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship after issuing warnings. A refund of paid course fees is not expected.
If there is something, you feel uncomfortable, just name it. We will take care.

§ 3.2. Individual courses / coaching / joint work
Appointments will be confirmed on advance payment. Absences must be reported one calendar month before the course in order to receive a refund of the course fees. In the event of accidents, etc., we are happy to talk to you. If we find a replacement for a vacant seat, we can issue a refund.

§ 3.3. Absences
If Kundschaft Schweiz has to travel to the client, costs are raised. These can be added the hourly pool.

§ 4 Software

§ 4.1. Usage rights
The customer acquires rights to use the software from Kundschaft Schweiz. The software remains the property of Kundschaft Schweiz at all times. The usage rights are acquired for a period of time. Updates from Kundschaft Schweiz are included during the period of use.

§ 4.2. Support and bug fixing
Any support for the rented software is chargeable. There is no right for free bug fixing or free additional programming.

§ 5 Advice, courses, coaching and support

§ 5.1. Guarantees
All contents of the offers in the areas of consulting, coaching and support services are provided without guarantees. Kundschaft Schweiz works the best way due to their knowledge and belief. Kundschaft Schweiz does not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information provided or for its completeness.

§ 5.2. Shipping and guarantees
The shipment of hardware and / or related products is excluded from the guarantee. Kundschaft Schweiz always recommends buying from third-party providers. Guarantees are to be requested from them.
Kundschaft Schweiz accepts no liability for the dispatch or transport of hardware or additional products that have been sent.

§ 5.3. Documents
Course documents, system documentations, marketing strategies and other documents are made available to the customer for the duration of the service relationship. Any further use or duplication (e.g. copying) or transfer and transfer to third parties is not permitted. A violation leads to an accusement as legal action: per case of at least 10,000 Swiss francs and to immediate exclusion from the purchase of services and goods. Open hour funds expire instantly.

§ 6 Items on the website

§ 6.1. Free
Free offers on the leftsell.com website and on partner sites such as social media are always public. Anyone who asks for advice is doing this public on the internet. There is no right for an answer. The entire public consultation can be shared by the Kundschaft Schweiz for advertising purposes.

§ 6.2. The good tone
The good tone applies to the Internet. Kundschaft Schweiz reserves the right to change or delete content on our websites that does not correspond to the good tone. Good morals and a friendly tone decide on the activation or deletion as well as provocations, inflammatory letters or third-party advertising. Links are only included in exceptional cases.

§ 6.3. Copyright
All texts and media, unless otherwise stated, are original creations of Kundschaft Schweiz and are subject of copyright.
The information, content, text and image materials made available by Kundschaft Schweiz are protected by copyright.

§7 Final rules

§ 7.1. Changes
Kundschaft Schweiz is free to change all guidelines, but names changes in the history.

§ 7.2. Other changes
Any other changes to a contract, additions and side agreements must be made in written form to be valid.

§ 7.3. House rules
The house rules are part of these general terms and conditions.

§ 7.4. Solving Legal
Should a term of these guidelines for the work or the service relationship be ineffective or incomplete, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions will not be affected. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by a legally effective provision.

§ 7.5. Legal Place
The place of jurisdiction of Kundschaft Schweiz is Wil – Switzerland.

§ 8 Revisions

11/10/2016 Formulation of the additions of the Swiss OR

Addition of house rules

Every house has its own characteristics. It is important to us that our customers perceive us and our premises.

 - Please park on the premises of Swiss customers
 - In the house we welcome it when you appear comfortably without shoes and in socks
 - Please also leave the toilet clean. Thank you very much!
 - Name your needs: we want to make your stay a pleasant one

We look forward to seeing you!

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